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Creating a personal web page is a project I have been wanting to embark upon for awhile, a space to play with for strictly creative purposes with products of the same and content from projects and jobs.

Around 2010 I began learning to use this website development program, 'Freeway' and developed a few websites and an online business, which appear on the websites page. The process was intense as I hadn't any prior experience, and was also working under pressure and under contract at one point. At some point I had to return to full time employment, and though the process started while I was active with web site development, almost overnight 'responsive' website took over the internet, and I fell out of the loop.

Each of the individual page contain media that is my own, with the exception of the Music page which I took the liberty of adding music from friends endeavors that may not be seen elsewhere, some that I was indirectly involved with.

This site is programed to deter 'bots' from cataloguing it for search engines for obvious reasons. If I share it with someone, they are invited to view all of the content but I suspect little is of interest to the general public.

The fact you are reading this lends itself to the above, so, I welcome you.

All media herein may be considered under copy-write of some sort or another, if not directly mine.

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Frank Harshbarger
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