Sunset Cruise

Bay Lady is "aurguably the fasted clipper on the bay" and an incredible experience to sail. I hope this slide show conveys the essence of my trip. Click image to play (3:26)

Fleet Week 2016

Ok, this first image is from another event, but I needed an opening shot. In this slide show our trip begins near Pier 39 aboard a Ferry to Angel Island for an Air Show featuring the Blue Angels' performance and more. Click image to play (1:51)

The First Wild Ride

My first real sailing experience. From the Berkeley Marina, under the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge then back. The moments in this short video pretty much sum up the experience. It was from this point that I was hooked on Sailing! Click image to play (1:27)

Sharon Marie Harshbarger

September 24, 1957 — June 7, 2014